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About Sophie

“Sophie” is a fashion forward brand of bridal and evening gowns, created with great love, passion and a lot of attention to details. Elena Zbârnea is the designer and the owner of the brand. In the early childhood she discovered the love for fashion, and there is no wonder that 12 years of professional art and fashion design studies have blossomed into a career that led her to create her own brand.

Elena launched her design studio back in 2012 and since then, hundreds of custom-made bridal and evening dresses have made their way into the world, in which her clients were completely and utterly in love with.
Then, the idea for “Sophie” came, a brand that caters to the stories of each woman, and from there the tag line appeared: A dress for every story. Featuring femininity and delicacy, refined chic and elegance – each “Sophie” dress is created with great care with hand crafted finishes.

“Sophie” dresses are made to be seen, felt, touched and fallen in love with. Buying a “Sophie” dress is more than just making another choice, it represents finding that one perfect, timeless dress that reflects your personality.

You can always pick one of our dresses or you can entrust us to create the dress you have always dreamt of. We will listen to you carefully and help you to make the best choice regarding the shape that fits you, choose the fabrics and all the details. The selection process takes place in our showroom, where the dress pattern is outlined and the texture, colors and types of embroidery are decided. You’re welcome to pay us a visit anytime.

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